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Extreme Candidate Makeover

Extreme Candidate Makeover – 2016!

Extreme Candidate Makeover – Enter today to win a consultation from our recruiters!

At Deluxe, we strive to be known for our array of top-notch products and services for small businesses, financial institutions, and individual consumers. Another cornerstone of our corporate culture is to establish a presence as an employer that provides resources to job seekers that will aid them in becoming the best candidates that they can be.

Our Extreme Candidate Makeover contest aims to do just that. Enter today for a chance to win a job search consultation by Deluxe Recruiters!
Entering is a breeze. Simply follow the link and type up a brief explanation as to why you deserve to win. Entries will be accepted from November 14th – November 20th. Voting will begin November 21st and run through December 4th. The top three vote-getters will win a job hunting consultation from Deluxe Recruiters on the finer points of resume writing, interviewing for a job or managing your social media presence.

Click here for more info and to enter.

Time Management

Time Management During Your Job Hunt

Time Management is such an important skill, applicable to many aspects of your professional life. This is particularly the case during one very essential phase of your career – the job search.

It can be very helpful to adhere to a schedule during your time on the job hunt. One way to do this is to map out various duties throughout your day. Structuring your time can help with avoiding distractions and keeping you on track with your objectives. Short term goal setting can also be an effective exercise in driving activities to focus on throughout the day.

Click below to hear Mike from Deluxe Talent Acquisition talks about the importance of Time Management.

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On the Job Hunt? Let us help you!

Job Seekers, we want to hear from you! Are you currently on the job hunt but are struggling with a particular aspect of it? Leave a comment and let us know what aspect of the job hunt that you need assistance with the most and we’ll consider featuring it on our Vlog episode in February.

What’s more – even if your topic doesn’t get selected, we’ll still reach out to you and give you pointers on the topic that you’re struggling with. This truly is a win-win for all of the job seekers out there so don’t be shy, let us know what you need help with!