Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience Survey & Sweepstakes

To better understand how well Deluxe works with job seekers who visit our career site and apply for our positions, we are participating in the 2016 Candidate Experience Awards and Benchmark Program.

We invite you to share your experience via the survey link below. As an added bonus for your feedback, we are running a sweepstakes offering 20 $20 Amazon gift cards as giveaways. Entering the sweepstakes is as easy as following the steps below.

  1. Complete survey
  2. Copy final question of survey (just the question, not your answer)
  3. Text question to 651-968-2432

The survey is being conducted by the Talent Board, a third-party provider. They will anonymously analyze the data and provide us insights into improving the experience we deliver to our employment candidates. Your contact information will not be revealed to us or sold to other companies.

Please click the button below to complete the brief survey (approx.. 10-15 min).

Candidate Experience

Candidate Experience


7 thoughts on “Candidate Experience Survey & Sweepstakes

  1. Cheryl Ann V. Leto

    I would like to say that the application that I just finish completing was an absolute joy. I have been on the hunt for a job for about 3 months and have completed account, profiles, registrations, and of course the application itself. May I say that I have wasted less time and aggravation in a hospital ER than completing the above items. I wish they all could be this way. Thank you so much.

  2. Diana Farides

    Sadly the survey ended so I did not take part in it. However the online application process is very easy to follow.

  3. Gloria O'Connor

    This application was brief and to the point. A long application can be redundant. Thank you for the opportunity to look at my application and I thank Diana Ross, recruiter, for her time and encouragement.

  4. Barbara Harris

    Says survey has ended but wanted to note that application process was easy and I am very hopeful to reveal callback to interview for position.

  5. Georgia Sevcik

    I have a friend who currently works for your company and he likes the company so much (especially the people he works with) – that he HIGHLY recommend that I apply for this job.

    As others have said, the online application submitter was very easy, and less time-consuming and redundant, than some of the other companies that I have applied for in the past.

    Love the fact that you are a smaller company and that from what I’ve hard, every employee is treated as an individual, rather than just a number. (Which, to me, is a very important factor.) Way to go Delux! 🙂


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